Healing Trauma: A Full FREE Day of Continuing Education Courses

Date: Friday September 27, 2024 9am-5pm PST

Join us for a transformative day of trauma-focused continuing
education courses designed to enhance your clinical skills and deepen your understanding of trauma-informed care. Led by experienced experts in the field of trauma therapy, this comprehensive program offers a diverse range of topics tailored to meet the evolving needs of mental health professionals.

Our preliminary list of courses include:

  • Trauma 101 (Nicole Tabor, LCSW) 
  • Dissociation 101 (Athena Phillips, LCSW, PsyD Candidate)
  • Introduction to Perinatal Mental Health (Erin Fancier, LCSW) 
  • Rwanda: A Template for Trauma-Informed Governance (Athena Phillips, LCSW, Yvonne Uwamahoro, PMHNP)

And more! Announcements coming soon