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Ethics and Laws Regarding Mandated Reporting: Child and Elder Maltreatment

1 NBCC CE hour are available for licensed mental health providers.

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About This Course

Explore mandated reporting laws and their application in cases of child and elder abuse. From understanding the nuances of reporting obligations to learning how to respond sensitively to disclosures, this course offers invaluable insights for professionals across various fields. Gain practical knowledge on when to report, how to gather pertinent information, and the essential components of a comprehensive report.

This is a general course an Oregon state specific add on course for 1 CE hour is available. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Mastering Mandated Reporting Laws: Develop a nuanced understanding of general mandated reporting laws and guidelines pertaining to child and elder abuse. Explore the legal framework governing reporting obligations and the ethical considerations involved.

  2. Navigating Reporting Guidelines: Identify appropriate methods for gathering information related to suspected cases of maltreatment and adhere to recommended reporting guidelines. Learn to navigate the complexities of reporting obligations and make informed decisions in challenging situations.

  3. Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills: Engage in critical analysis of case studies to determine whether situations warrant making a mandated report. Apply ethical principles and legal mandates to evaluate scenarios and make sound judgments regarding reporting obligations.

Course Materials

  • Prerecorded Video 
  • Quiz 
  • Feedback Survey
  • Certificate of Completion*
*A passed quiz of at least 80% and a completed feedback survey required for certificate.