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Supporting LGBTQ+ Elders

2 NBCC CE hours are available for licensed mental health providers.

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About This Course

This comprehensive course delves into the special considerations and realities of being an older adult within the LGBTQ+ community. Gain valuable insights into the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ elders through important statistics and the concept of minority stress. Explore your role as a clinician in supporting these individuals through engaging case studies and practical recommendations.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Inclusion and Experiences: Identify key considerations of inclusion and understand the diverse experiences of LGBTQ+ older adults, enabling you to provide more tailored and inclusive support.

  2. Support Strategies: Discover effective methods of supporting LGBTQ+ elders, including strategies for addressing unique challenges and promoting well-being in later life.

  3. Clinical Recommendations: Gain essential knowledge of clinical considerations when working with LGBTQ+ older adults, including recommendations for creating affirming and supportive therapeutic environments.

Course Materials

  • Prerecorded Video 
  • Quiz 
  • Feedback Survey
  • Certificate of Completion*
*A passed quiz of at least 80% and a completed feedback survey required for certificate.