From Rwanda to Italy to Vietnam and beyond, our retreats provide once-in-a-lifetime Trauma Coach training opportunities. Our retreats will equip individuals with the necessary skills to effectively support trauma survivors while simultaneously immersing yourself in a novel and inspiring cultural experience. Our retreat-style trainings are designed to expand the ways in which we orient towards mental health conditions, to inspire global connection, and to learn alongside colleagues who share a passion for helping. 

Our international trainings are designed to provide a rich learning experience for participants while simultaneously expanding access to our course content.

Our upcoming destinations include:


April 2024

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South Africa

October 2024

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February 2025

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Our previous destinations include:



February 2023

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September 2023

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  • Learn the principles of trauma coaching within a multicultural context.
  • Experience high-level, specialized training on trauma-informed interactions.
  • Gain invaluable competence to be a trauma coach.
  • Gain new insight through culturally unique perspectives on mental health.
  • Explore an exciting destination and immerse yourself in the culture of your hosts.
  • Broaden your personal and professional network, and build lasting international friendships



Deposit + Apply 

Once you have made your $500 deposit, you will receive an email with instructions on how to apply*  and more information on payments plans offered. Applications are used to determine eligibility for the program, room and dietary preferences, and to gather necessary medical information.  

*any participant that is denied for any reason will receive their full refund back. 

Arrange Your Travel

Once you are accepted into the program, you will be responsible for booking your own flight arrangements. We work with a third party for logistics support once we are in-country + on the ground. Information from our logistics partner will be sent via email. ITTC only works with well-established and reputable travel partners.


Meet the Participants 

Prior to the retreat all participants are required to attend a zoom call where we will introduce ourselves to one another and learn some important information about the retreat and the place we are traveling to. 

Retreat + Receive Certificate of Completion 

On the evening of the last night of learning we will host a "Certificate Ceremony" where participants will receive a certificate of completion. Those who are interested in pursuing the full Trauma Coach Certification need to complete the additional requirements listed below following their return from the trip. 

Gain Access to Orenda Trauma Coaching Content 

Once the retreat is complete all participants will have access to the materials and learning communities through Orenda. These learning communities are similar too, but different from KALOS Learning Community.

KALOS puts an emphasis on therapy and therapist while Orenda puts an emphasis on Coaching and Coaches.  

Optional Certification Requirements 
  • Complete Business of Coaching course through Orenda's learning platform.  
  • Read + Respond to prompts regarding "Trauma Stewardship". 
  • Complete 50 hours of supervised coaching hours. 

Hear From Our Facilitators: 

 "Teaching coaching in LMIC settings gives me an opportunity to be both the educator and the student. The cultural immersion and awareness that accompany visits to these places is a reminder of my privilege and my voice. The situations and questions that are discussed during trainings in LMIC countries adds an element of cultural understanding that is sometimes lacking in education in more westernized cultures." - Catherine Sims

"Teaching coaching in a retreat setting allows for us, as the facilitators, to meet with participants on a personal and consistent level. The opportunity to engage in activities together, to eat meals together, and to learn together fosters a cohesion that is not always present in other training formats. I enjoy the cohesion that it builds and I find that the network of connections created during these trainings are more sustainable due to the shared experience of learning together in a new environment." - Libby DeFehr

"Hosting international retreats and trainings over the past 8 years has offered rich opportunities for growth. My overarching professional goal has been to expand trauma-informed supports that extend beyond our borders, while simultaneously learning alongside other professionals in the field with a shared passion. Different parts of the world provide nuanced windows into how we define problems and shape solutions in ways I would not have considered without these experiences. Multicultural exchanges with those who work and reside in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) has enriched me as a person while providing opportunities to give back in meaningful ways." - Athena Phillips

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  • Access to the Learning Community where you can connect with colleagues worldwide.  
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 All courses live and asynchronous offer continuing education credits.

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