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Pros & Cons of Social Media on Trauma and Relief

Jul 09, 2024


Athena Phillips

LCSW, PsyD Candidate    

With over 30 years in behavioral health, I began by aiding developmentally disabled individuals before earning a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor’s in Social Work from Pacific University. My passion for trauma treatment ignited during an internship at the Sexual Assault Resource Center, leading to a Master’s in Social Work from Portland State University. I founded the Integrative Trauma Treatment Center (ITTC) in 2012, focusing on trauma and dissociative disorders. Recognizing the need for holistic approaches, I launched ITTC as an outpatient clinic in Portland, OR, and KALOS for specialized trainings. I expanded my impact globally with online Trauma Coach Certification and The Orenda Project, providing resources worldwide. Locally, I contributed to building mental health capacity, including mHub Rwanda. My dedication persists as a trauma consultant, volunteering within the mHub community and beyond.


"I can't express enough gratitude for the impact your trauma courses have had on my work with survivors. The trauma-informed approach and evidence-based strategies have significantly improved outcomes for my clients. Your courses are a must for any mental health professional."  

- Lisa M.,  Clinical Social Worker

"The depth of insight and practical guidance provided have elevated my practice and enriched my ability to support clients through the complexities of trauma recovery. A great catalyst for positive change in the mental health field."  

- Danny K., Trauma Counselor

"I am continually impressed by the quality and relevance of your trauma-focused educational courses. As a mental health worker, these courses have equipped me with invaluable skills and insights to better serve my clients who have experienced trauma. I highly recommend these courses to fellow mental health workers."

- Emily H., Trauma Therapist

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Asynchronous Education

Continuous education is crucial for mental health workers to stay abreast of evolving research, therapies, and best practices, ensuring they provide the highest standard of care and support to their clients, thereby contributing to improved mental health outcomes.

Dissociation 101

An orientation for clinicians about the standard of care required to treat those living with complex trauma and dissociative disorders. 


Working with Trauma and Perinatal Mental Health

Pregnancy represents a significant developmental milestone for both the parent and the developing fetus.


An Overview Of Grief and Loss 

Grief is the natural emotional response to the death of someone close, a serious illness, a divorce or other significant losses.


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