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Welcome to Unspoken, a podcast dedicated to exploring the often-uncharted territory of trauma and recovery. Join us as we delve into heartfelt conversations with therapists, survivors, and professionals in healing professions. Together, we aim to illuminate the consequences of trauma that are often obscured by silence, stigma, and shame.

What does "Unspoken" mean to us?

Often, the quiet that occurs in the context of trauma can be as painful as the event(s) itself. The things that others do not do to protect us or do not say to to comfort us are the aspects of memory that stick with us. Social silence breeds complacency. When others fail to speak up in defense, protection, and acknowledgment of the struggles faced by marginalized groups, it leaves individuals feeling isolated and unsupported, living parallel lives devoid of equal opportunities and protections afforded to the majority.

In each episode, we bring you stories of resilience, vulnerability, and courage. Our guests share their personal journeys and professional insights, offering valuable perspectives on navigating trauma, finding healing, and reclaiming one's life. Join us as we uncover the unspoken truths of trauma, recovery, and the transformative power of storytelling. Together, we can find strength in vulnerability and create pathways to healing that honor the complexity of our human experiences.  

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Thank you for tuning into Unspoken. We deeply appreciate your support and interest in exploring the voices of those who have been ignored. Your engagement is vital as we explore the complexities of trauma and the paths to healing. We are committed to improving our content and quality with each episode to better serve and inform our audience.

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