IntegrativeĀ Trauma Treatment Center (ITTC)

Parent company to KALOS


The nature of working through past trauma is challenging.

Our model at Integrative Trauma Treatment Center is designed with community in mind. We encourage our clients to reach beyond traditional talk therapy and combine multiple modalities to create a collaborative approach to healing.

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We support all people struggling with trauma.

Based in Portland, Oregon and integrating psychotherapy, group work, coaching, bodywork & mindfulness for an holistic and empowering approach to healing.

ITTC practitioners have various specialties in other arenas of mental health in addition to post-traumatic stress. Trauma is our specialty, which increases our ability to address other concerns with sensitivity, compassion, and skill.

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ITTC provides an encompassing and empowering approach to trauma recovery through a prism of honor, reverence and hope. We work to creatively to address the various components of trauma by offering a variety of services that include body work, group therapy, art or writing, and individual treatment. We believe that recovery from trauma extends beyond traditional psychotherapy and must incorporate various approaches and layered support in order to heal multidimensional wounds. ITTC offers individual psychotherapy on a bi-weekly basis and encourages the utilization of additional treatment approaches

Individual Therapy

Our goal is to provide a warm, comfortable setting with therapists who view themselves as partners in your journey. Individual therapy is rendered on a bi-weekly basis.

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Group Therapy

Surviving trauma can feel isolating, as though there is no-one else who can understand the experience. Groups are offered as a cohort and rendered on a weekly basis.

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Our human-first approach goes beyond processing trauma by empowering survivors to focus on self-reflection, skill building and future planning.

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Reiki is an effective Japanese technique for anxiety, depression, stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.

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