The KALOS Learning Community serves as the central hub for professionals in the mental health realm, offering resources, collaboration opportunities, and a platform for sharing ideas. It addresses the isolation often experienced in this work by providing a globally accessible online membership community. By incorporating learning opportunities from various disciplines, KALOS embodies the goal of expanding perspectives on treating mental health. Like a kaleidoscope, it encourages curiosity and creativity, showcasing diverse viewpoints and solutions. Along with hearing from different disciplines, KALOS aims to diversify and elevate marginalized voices, fostering learning from different cultural perspectives. By prioritizing learning from diverse viewpoints, KALOS promotes self-reflection and skill development while building global connections and humility among mental health professionals.

Why work with KALOS:

KALOS Learning Community is committed to providing high-quality, accessible, and engaging continuing education opportunities to our community members. We are seeking dynamic presenters who are passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge in various fields through asynchronous video training sessions. This call invites individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise to contribute to our platform, enriching the learning experiences of our audience.

Presentation Requirements:

  1. Asynchronous Video Training: Presenters must create a pre-recorded video training session on their chosen topic. The video should be engaging, informa1ve, and a minimum of one hour in dura1on. Our ideal timeframe is 3 hours. 
  2. Slide Deck Presentation: Along with the video training, presenters must provide a slide deck presenta1on to accompany their training. The slide deck should highlight key points and provide visual aids to enhance the learning experience.
  3. Quiz: A quiz component is required to assess the comprehension of the training material. Presenters should design a quiz with relevant questions related to the content covered in the video training. 5 questions for every 1 hour of training.
  4. Tangible Resource: Presenters are asked to provide at least one tangible resource related to their topic. This could include worksheets, checklists, templates, or any other materials that enhance the learning process.
  5. Bio of Each Presenter: Presenters must submit a brief biography highlighting their expertise, experience, and qualifications in their field.
  6. Interview Participation: Presenters must be available to participate in an interview about their topic. This interview can be conducted live, via video, or in a written format, depending on the preference of the presenter and the platform.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive Pay for Training:¬†Presenters will receive compensation at a¬†competitive rate¬†of training, unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Free Access to KALOS Community Membership: Presenters will receive complimentary access to KALOS community membership for one year, allowing them to engage with our community, offering networking opportunities, and access to continuing education¬†and exclusive resources.
  • Platform for Promotion: Presenters will have the opportunity to promote their business, other trainings, or services through our platform, reaching a wider audience.
  • Shared Ownership of Content: While KALOS retains the right to use the content as desired, presenters also have the freedom to utilize their training materials elsewhere without restrictions.
  • No Noncompete Clause: Presenters are not bound by a noncompete clause, allowing them to¬†continue¬†offering similar or the same trainings or services through other platforms.

Become a KALOS Presenter

We're here to support you in becoming a valued contributor to KALOS Learning Community.¬†If you have any further questions or need clarifications on any aspect of this proposal, please feel free to reach out¬†to [email protected]¬†