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Our Kalos Learning Community is at the core of what we do. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, this is the space for you to find resources, ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate with one another. We recognize the importance of community as well as the diversification of perspectives in mental health as supporting professional development. The work of therapy occurs in isolation, which is both a lonely endeavor and does little to expand the ways in which we might approach the work with our clients. Our solution to these challenges is the inclusion of an online membership community that is designed to be globally accessible. KALOS by ITTC is a kaleidoscopic platform for learning specifically designed to expand the lenses through which we view mental health conditions. Our online global community was designed to provide support, learning, and growth.

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KALOS Founders

Athena Phillips, LCSW, PsyD Candidate  

With a career spanning over two decades, I've devoted myself to the field of behavioral health since
1995. Beginning with work alongside developmentally disabled children and adults, my journey led me to
pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work at Pacific University, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in
2000. Interning at the Sexual Assault Resource Center sparked my interest in trauma treatment, propelling
me to earn a master’s in social work from Portland State University. As a medical social worker in various
settings, I cultivated expertise in trauma and dissociative disorders, eventually founding Integrative Trauma
Treatment Center (ITTC) in 2012. Recognizing the need for holistic trauma approaches, I established ITTC
as an outpatient clinic in Portland, OR, accompanied by KALOS for specialized trainings. My global impact
expanded with the launch of an online Trauma Coach Certification course and The Orenda Project,
offering resources and community for trauma providers worldwide. I've also contributed to local capacity
building, including the development of mHub Rwanda, a mental health clinic run by Rwandans. My
dedication continues as a trauma consultant, volunteering within the mHub community and beyond.

Libby DeFehr, M. Ed

My exposure to the mental health realm began in childhood and has continued to thread its way through my adult life. My family was and continues to be deeply involved in the residential treatment and therapeutic boarding school setting and I was immersed in an environment where compassion and dedication were paramount. I strongly believe in the power of knowledge and education to alleviate some symptoms of trauma and begin to heal generational trauma. Years later, recognizing the pressing need for accessible resources in the world of mental health, Athena and I embarked on a mission to create a solution, KALOS. Drawing upon my expertise in education and curriculum development, Athena’s extensive knowledge of mental health, and our combined deep understanding of trauma-informed care, we created a platform where individuals could access resources, engage in interactive learning modules, and participate in supportive discussions with mental health professionals around the world. With a dedication to inclusivity and empowerment, we envisioned a platform that raises marginalized voices and transforms the way we approach trauma.


Why "KALOS"?

The definition of kaleidoscope is rooted in Greek language that combines the following 3 words: 

           Kalos: beautiful
           Eidos: shape
           Skopos: either the looker or the object being observed.

To us, a kaleidoscope captures the heart of what we are trying to achieve within our global mental health community. Just as this fascinating childhood toy has encouraged curiosity and creativity, it also demonstrates the various ways in which the world can be viewed.

These instruments provide and create a variety of patterns, shapes, and color combinations. Light, mirrors, and reflections render uniquely lovely images with infinite possibilities. There is beauty in approaching the world with dimension. That beauty can shape the way we work, interact, interpret problems and identify solutions.

Why Community?

Views of mental health have historically been dominated by a singular western lens. The tunnel vision is arguably maintained by the isolative nature of providing care. Our KALOS community was created as an effort to decrease professional isolation while expanding the lenses through which we view mental health challenges. Each culture offers its' own unique definition of what a problem is as well as its' own solution. Diversifying cultural voices within our field provides an opportunity for us to learn from and share with each other. Our aim is to build a global community of mental health professionals who want to expand their network, grow connections beyond their borders, and who want to expand their professional viewpoints.

How are we different?

KALOS aims to support mental health professionals in prioritizing learning with and from other cultural viewpoints. Looking at challenges through a variety of lenses can foster self-reflection while simultaneously expanding our skill set. Our KALOS communities were designed to help build global connections, cultivate humility, and expand our skills all with a solution-focused approach in mind. 

With Kalos community, you will have the opportunity to learn from and connect with other like-minded professionals through:

- Online Forums
- Resource Sharing
- Book Clubs

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  • Discounts on our live events like trainings, retreats, and the ITTC Trauma Summit.

     All live courses and asynchronous offer continuing education credits.